The designer

Thorup Copenhagen was founded in Copenhagen in 2012, by furniture designer Kasper Thorup who studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and holds a Masters in furniture design.

With roots in Copenhagen, Kasper has a particular affinity for the city and his passion for design and raw materials are inspired by its shapes, colour compositions and edgy materials.

Kasper is one of few Danish manufactures that has deliberately chosen to keep the production process based in Copenhagen.


Thorup Copenhagen

Thorup Copenhagen design is characterized by enduring aesthetics, lead by intelligible and clean lines.

The inspiration derives from the field of tension between art and design and marrying experimental designs with the distinctive scandinavian minimalism.

Thorup Copenhagen aims to create contemporary design that is made to last, working with raw materials as solid brass, iron, concrete and genuine marble. All products are outlined, designed and crafted by danish designer Kasper Thorup with contribution from talented local craftmen. Each product is unique and handmade, collected in Thorup Design Studio in Copenhagen City, to personally securing the high-quality of the product.

Showcasing a new perspective on scandinavian design, Thorup Copenhagen challenges the encounter in materials and shapes, by redefining materials, techniques and forms in an elegant and honest expression.

All products are handmade and manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark.